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Baswa® - seamless acoustic plaster

Baswa® - seamless acoustic plaster

Ecophon® - fibreglass acoustic system

Ecophon® - fibreglass acoustic system

Equitone® - hatschek fibre cement

Equitone® - hatschek fibre cement

Mathys Design® - metal ceiling system

Mathys Design® - metal ceiling system

Montatec® - metal cladding system

Montatec® - metal cladding system

Topakustik® - acoustic wood panel

Topakustik® - acoustic wood panel

Aesthetics of Invisible Architecture

In acoustical - environmental - functional and sustainable design.

about Andermax

Andermax is a leading company in design and supply of prestige architectural products since the 90's. Specialising in the area of acoustic ceilings, wall panels, metal and fibre cement cladding, Andermax had gained a good reputation in the industry in the past 25 years and had fulfilled our customer's need beyond their expectation. In addition, we care about invisible architectural requirement such as acoustics and the comfort of indoor environment.

Sustainability has become an integral part of new architectural design. Andermax offers a wide range of high quality, environmental friendly materials from worldwide brands, motivating the harmonisation of visual and invisible architecture. Moreover, we offer not only the products or materials, but also a completed system or solution with experienced engineering services  and professional advice in any mounting system.

Our well-trained and experienced teams are pleased. to serve you and discuss about the design of system.






We distribute the most updated product info among our international branding.  

We believe our outstanding materials with continuing innovation, exceptional quality, and expert craftsmanship would satisfy your needs at all means.


With 25yrs of experience in building products, we provide professional 

technical comments and solutions to your architectural and acoustical needs.​

Also, we collaborate with installers to create cost effective and innovative solutions and offerings.


We propose and advice any ceiling, cladding and panelling details according to your design and specification.​


We carefully coordinate your design with service and building requirements, providing interface details and suggesting the optimum design from an aesthetic and acoustic point of view.


We ​regularly go back and forth in communications between manufacturers in order to yield the best results for your unique production.


Offering qualified materials, products or system with high cost performance value, our products are well tested and examined with both international and local standards.

2023 Featured


ANDERMAX (Hong Kong)

Suites 1808, 18/F, Shatin Galleria

18 Shan Mei Street, Shatin

Hong Kong
T:  (852)2520-6168

F:  (852)2520-1233

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