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Acoustic          Seamless

The BASWAphon acoustics systems provide control of reverberation in rooms with reverberantreflecting surfaces and materials (concrete, glass, stone, metal etc.) discards the acoustic energy generated in the room itself and generates an unpleasant noise level and a diffuse sound. This impairs the well-being and concentration.


In contrast, sound-absorbing surfaces destroy a great part of the acoustic energy occurring and, thereby, permit the original source of sound to emerge clearly: noises are effortlessly differentiated, the spoken word is easily understood. For this reason, many countries progressively provide a restriction of reverberation in their legislation, above all in public areas. Also in housing construction, control of reverberation is becoming

increasingly more significant.


Often, the restriction of reverberation is included in the design concept of architects (perforated panels, perforated surfaces, industrial prefabricated elements etc.). In contrast, the BASWA technology is adaptable   (in its surface structure, colouring, shape), so that it can be included in esthetical concepts with no problem –

BASWAphon surfaces are optically not regarded as acoustic surfaces.

  • Surface grain size only 0.5mm

  • Smoothest, Finest Marble Aggregate Finish

  • Hand Troweled, 1 Coat Finish on Factory Coated Panel

  • Can be applied to flat, curved, domed and vaulted surfaces

  • Seamless design

  • Range of colours available

  • Durable and Cleanable 

  • NRC Ratings Ranging from 0.80 to 0.90

  • Fire prevention class A2; S1-d0

  • Up to 95% recycled materials. No VOCs, MSDS friendly

Acoustic System

The purpose of BASWA’s patented acoustics systems is the reduction of reverberation times. The are made of two primary elements”: the pre-coated mineral fibre panels glued to a firm, enclosed base (as a rule concrete or a lowered mineral ceiling) and the micro-porous coating masses. The chart below shows absorption coefficients and NRC Ratings for standard BASWA Phon Finishes by respective system thickness.

Coefficient testing is calculated following ASTM C423 Sound Absorption Test guidelines for A and E Mountings by independent third party testing agencies

Reason for BASWA

  • Smooth surfaces without grooves
    up to 500 m2, no expansion joints required (lowered systems up to 120 m2)

  • Virtually unlimited design options
    Rounded, vaulted and cupola designs can be designed acoustically

  • Outstanding material quality 
    thanks to 25 years of experience

  • Sustainable and natural materials 
    natural marble sand as well as recycled raw materials

  • Broad colour palette
    no impairment of the acoustic values

  • Moisture resistant
    suitable for swimming pools and spa facilities

  • Made in Switzerland 
    F&E and product management in Baldegg, Switzerland; production in Switzerland, Germany and the United States

Fields of Application

To the Environment

BASWA acoustics systems are composed of:

  • 80% recycled materials

  • 90% mineral-based, non-flammable substances

  • Water-based synthetic binders or

  • VOC-free two-component binders

  • BASWA coatings are composed of 80% natural marble sand from a variety of quarries

The panel


  • Original Sound Absorbing Plaster System

  • Apply to Seamless, Flat, Curved, Domed or Vaulted Surfaces

  • Available in 3 Thicknesses

  • Class A Fire Rated



  • Water-bearing capillary tube system

  • Draught-free, noise-free heating and cooling with excellent sound absorption

  • Good thermal conductivity of the marble finish

  • Available with any BASWA Finish or color

BASWA Hybrid

  • Finish Applied Directly to Stable Substrate

  • Seamless Flat, Curved, Domed and Vaulted Surfaces

  • High Frequency Control in Large Spaces




  • Used in combination with TABS ceiling

  • Specially shaped and slotted aluminium profile

  • Heat conductivity 3.08 [W/(mK)]

  • Thermal effectiveness 85% 

The finish



  • Single layer Marble Aggregate finish

  • Surface grain size 0.7mm

  • NRC Ratings Ranging from 0.80 to 1.00+

  • Avg. Light Reflectance L Value of 0.91

  • Favorable price-performance ratio




  • Smooth, Fine Marble Aggregate Finish

  • Surface grain size only 0.5mm

  • 1 Coat Finish on Factory Coated Panel

  • NRC Ratings Ranging from 0.80 to 0.90

  • Avg. Light Reflectance L Value of 0.91

  • Short installation time

BASWA Classic Top


  • Double layer Marble Aggregate Finish

  • Granule size in the top coat 0.7 mm / 0.5 mm / 0.3 mm

  • 2 Coat Finish on Factory Coated Panel

  • Maximum surface quality <Q3>

  • Suitable for surfaces exposed to a lot of light or vaulted surfaces

BASWA Shine​​

  • Acoustically transparent shimmer additive sprayed directly on any BASWA Finish and color

  • Ranging from a slight sparkle or stunning, intense shimmer

  • Available in gold, silver, and bronze 

Baswa HK Projects

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