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about Mathys Design AG

'Mathys Design AG', found in Wil of Switzerland in the early 80's, has been continuously developing metal ceiling system both in the segments of high-end designed, tailor made special ceiling and the economical standard ceiling.


The brand 'Mathys Design' metal ceiling is developed and work together with Gema Metallbau GmbH in Germany as manufacturer in Europe to form the new affiliation in designing and manufacturing of high quality metal ceiling.

From 2004, the affiliations in manufacturing has further expanded to Asia,

by working together with production in Southern part of China (G.D.).

Product Lines

Aluminium Anodizing

Anodized aluminium surface is the most durable surface treatment on aluminium and nowadays, a lot of colour are available by the process of organic dyestuff dyeing or metallic salt colouring.



Extremely high weather and tint resistance which idea for external use. A durable finish especially for aluminium with 10 years guarantee from paint manufacturer on performance.

Powder coating

Advantage of powder coating besides corrosion resistant in conjunction with aluminium or G.M.S., are non-cracking, non-yellowing and cost effective.

Mathys Design HK Projects

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