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Topperfo® Micro Planks

 Classic | Perfo | Micro | Custom acoustic panel

When entering a space, the architecture generates the first impression – the dimension, materials, and surfaces. Then we become aware of the acoustics. We hear the sound quality and survey the beauty.


For two decades we have followed our passion in pursuing both visual and acoustical beauty in interior spaces. We carefully coordinate refined design features in a room to produce the optimum design from an aesthetic and acoustic point of view. We use only high quality materials in our paneling system and produce them according to specific customer requirements. Filled with an inner passion and innovative ideas, our team – design engineers and wood craftsmen – create perfect solutions that are both artistic and pleasant to the ear.



  • genuine wood

  • careful processing by commission

  • special and individual solutions possible

  • natural product, special visual effect!


  • nearly all RAL colours possible

  • we use state-of-the-art spray robots

  • protective lacquer possible for scratch resistance

  • lacquered surfaces = equal-coloured grooves



  • high resistance

  • ideal in moist rooms

  • both fire classes available

  • no added
    formaldehyde NAF

Topakustik Classic

Type R

The crease is irregular and has its own charm. The repetition of both panels is either all 336 or even 592 mm and is not visible to the eye. With the planks, the repetitionis visible by the system-related width of 128 mm, but the irritation of the irregularity persists.

Type ARIA- Plus

“quiet” design | available in two groove types | natural and emission-free product | for health and environment

The perforation is barely visible thanks to the deep grooving and the black MDF board in the middle layer. The grooves create the effect of individual bars.
The ARIA- Plus types in yellow spruce with knops or in withe fir with finger joints provide a unique quiet surface design.

Type 6/2

very fine groove | high absorption value | is perceived as uniform surface | little light/shadow play

The groove is less “visible”, as the light/ shadow plays seem to be in regular intervals and thus create a flat effect.

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Core Material

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

TOPAKUSTIK- and TOPPERFO products are manufactured from medium density fiberboard (MDF) as a standard. Thanks to the homogeneous structure, MDF is well suited for this application. MDF panels are produced form soft and hard wood fibers width adding binding agents. Only panels meeting the international emission values E1 are processed. Panels are also available with no added formaldehyde and FSC certified upon request.

Special core materials

TOPAKUSTIK- and TOPPERFO elements can be manufactured from other standard core materials. These can be classified according to requirements with regard to:

– Fire behavior

– Appearance, e.g. special surface or panel design

– Special properties with regard to stability or moisture.

Topakustik Perfo

Very aesthetic and functional | Up to 600’000 holes every m² possible | Almost invisible acoustic material with high absorption | The absolutely top product in our range

Design with function. Topperfo® Micro is the synonym for high end absorber with aesthetic beauty. The Ø 0.5mm holes are almost not visible, but the absorption values are very excellent. We are the only manufacturer who is able to produce the panels with un-perforated boarders; this is a very special tool for individual design solutions. For all types are acoustic values acc. ISO 354 with 40mm mineral wool (60Kg/m³) made and on request available.

very small holes above 1.2 mm! | hardly visible perforation | still good absorption | simply natural

TOPPERFO – Clou is a very popular option of using small holes with a hole size above 1.2 mm for a very good noise absorption. The subtle effect of the drilled holes, combined with the high effect in the middle frequency range is an excellent solution.

ideal for all materials and surfaces | edges and contrasting perforation at will | the tried and tested form for everything

Acoustic panel in its tried and tested form, as well as in all materials and surfaces, perforation-free edges and contrasting perforation for cuttings by choice.

discreet and good absorption | ideal for all materials and surfaces | edges and contrasting perforation at will

Acoustic panels in their best form, as well as in all materials and surfaces. Set back Perforation-edges and offset perforatoin at cut-outs on demand.

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Topakustik HK Projects

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